Friday, August 28, 2015

It Has To Be Natural

A few months ago, I had to think about the picture I will use for the cover of my debut album "Mulata Universal".

I write my songs, they are stories of my life, thoughts from my mind, I compose my melodies. So, for the cover of my very first album, I wasn't into showing off some high fashion clothing neither into make-up tricks with a lot of retouching. I've been modeling for a long part of my life and since Music has been my main activity, I like not to show my face that much, especially on my covers.
It was important for me not to have something "produced". I really wanted to stick to that not-showing-my-face thing for my album as well. I wanted something real; my own clothes, a simple make-up. Show myself as I am on a casual day of my life behind my Man's lens.
Aware of that, one morning, the Man in question said :
"Mami, I know where we're gonna take your picture".
Then I put on some make-up,  a white tank with my favorite skirt and we drove to Sosua's Beach where we found that cute spot. I sat down and in less than 30 minutes, it was done.
Right on time to pick up our daughter to school.

Pictures by Ivan Herrera - Design by Sr Dco
The white tank is actually a mini-dress I bought years ago in Chinatown (New York, USA), the batik maxi-skirt is a gift from my cousin in Yaoundé (Cameroon), the earrings are vintage ones from Kenya, another beautiful gift by my favorite Dominican auntie.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Respect, Tolerance & Freedom

Religion doesn't make people stupid. 
Not everybody can find answers by themselves, not everybody has somebody to look up for. We all need help, understanding and guidance in this world.

Religions, cultures, traditions are our story, our wisdom, our background as part of Humankind. The way human being try to go through this life on Earth we don't really know a lot about. A way to help us enjoy the ups and handle the downs.

People fight, kill not because of religion, but because they are HUMAN. We are like that. We love, we hate, we fight, we care, we cry, we whisper. We're Human. For the good and the bad; whatever we are coming from, whatever is our religion, background or beliefs.

Muslims are not all terrorists and misogynists.
Jewish are not all paranoiacs and condescending.
Christians are not all naïve and reactionary.
Atheists are not all open-minded and smart.
Buddhists are not all wise and good.

Everybody deals with this life the way it feels better to deal with. What works for you, might not work for me.
We all have the right to be who we are and to look for the best way to be better at our own scale.
What we really need is RESPECT, TOLERANCE & FREEDOM.

Be good, be true, BE YOU.

Be a Positive Butterfly.

#BeGood #BeTrue #BeYou

Saturday, August 22, 2015

La, La, La...

"E descobri em você a vontade de querer de novo,
A vontade louca de cantar assim,
La, la, la..."

"And in you I discovered  the desire to love again,
This crazy will to sing out loud,
La, la, la..."

"En toi j'ai découvert l'envie d'aimer encore,
L'envie folle de chanter à tue-tête,
La, la, la..."

Lyrics from "La, La, La"
Mulata Universal by Clarisse Albrecht

Monday, August 17, 2015

Wherever I am

From Bafatá's red earth, 
To Maputo's avenues via my suburban asphalt,
From Paris pavements,
To Copa Cabana's warm sand,
I dragged my bohemian soul and broken heart, 
Keeping the faith with a smile on my face,
And here I am dancing under Sosua's sun,
My daughter Malia in my arms,
Finally, wherever I am, I can be only me...

Words by me.

A Stronger Version Of Myself

The Girl With The White Cigarette
I used to be the girl with the white cigarette; I used to smoke close to 20 cigarettes per day, even more during sleepless nights (writing nights, studio nights, performing nights, nightclubbing, whatever night). 
It's been 4 years since I'm not this girl anymore but I'm still missing smoking a lot. It makes me even more proud that I could quit from one day to another.I enjoyed smoking so much, I miss it so badly sometimes that I promised to myself I will never ever fall into another unhealthy addiction.
I'm not this girl anymore. I'm a stronger version of myself.

I did it by myself, but you can get help if you want to quit as well.
Just do it. Check out SMOKE FREE

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Youngblood. Random Souvenirs.

This picture is from my first test with City Models Paris. I probably got signed because of that Afro, back in '94. This trend was kind of coming back.

I was 15, I was by myself. In this huge flat in Paris, the photographer, an Italian named Massimo had a party the night before. People were keeping on appearing as we were shooting. I was wondering how big was the flat and how big could have been the party.

While I was changing clothes, Massimo told me he liked my panty and ask me if I didn't mind staying like that for the next pictures. Then this beautiful girl from South Africa appeared and told him they should do me a huge Afro.
I was very shy and very impressed by her beauty but I could told her that I grew up in Mozambique, that I was feeling close to South Africans and was looking forward to see Mandela became the first black president. The elections were about to happen. She told me South Africans were crossing fingers and hoping nothing happen to Madiba in the meanwhile.

A few days later, a couple of my dreams were fulfilled. I got signed and Mandela became president.

Modeling is not for every teenager but in my case, it helped me handle the fact that I was out of Africa. I loved how it allowed me to escape my daily high school life and to meet different people, to share and learn at an early age, although I didn't stayed with this agency and actually really started my modeling career years later.

It has been my getaway for a while.

Dear Cigarette

I posted this article on my personal page 4 years ago. Given how I still regularly miss my dear cigarette, I decided to posted it here as well. Lord help me.

 Dear Cigarette,

It's been almost two months and a half since we broke up. I'm not gonna lie to you. I think about you a lot, I miss you. In the morning, I don't drink coffee anymore, it's not the same without you. Oh yes, I miss you, sometimes, I  see you with other people. They look so happy, you on one side, a glass on the other. Steams of your flavor come to torture my nostrils, reminding me the uncountable good and bad moments we've shared. You were always there for me, even when I was extremely down, broke or far from everything, I always found a way for us to be together. But I stand firm and refrain myself from drowning into nostalgia. And when I enjoy a good glass of wine, now, my other hand run through my lover's hair. And every day, memories are less vivid.

It's true the break up was tough. I gave up on you this beautiful morning of June in Orly, without any warning. But believe me, it was the only way. It was time to turn the page. I needed to prove myself I had enough strength and will to do it overnight. It would have end up badly between us anyway. I was loving you too much, it was better for me to leave before you destroy me.

I'm learning to live without you and I'm doing it pretty good. Seems like I even sing better. You see, there's a life without you and I am gonna do my best to keep it this way for ever.

Farewell Cigarette.

PS : You can do it too. Just do it.
Check out SMOKE FREE


J'ai publié cet article il y a plus de 4 ans sur ma page personnelle. Étant donné le manque que je ressens toujours régulièrement pour ma chère cigarette, j'ai décidé de le republier ici.

Chère Cigarette,

Cela fait presque deux mois et demi que nous sommes séparées. Je ne vais pas te mentir. Je pense à toi souvent, tu me manques. Le matin, je ne bois plus de café, sans toi, ce n'est plus pareil. Oui, tu me manques, je te vois parfois avec d'autres. Comme ils ont l'air heureux toi d'un côté, un verre de l'autre. Les effluves de ton parfum viennent me torturer les narines, me rappelant les innombrables bons et mauvais moments que nous avons passés ensemble. Tu as toujours été là pour moi, même quand j'étais au plus bas, fauchée ou loin de tout, je trouvais toujours un moyen de nous réunir. Mais je tiens bon et m'interdis de me laisser aller à la nostalgie. Et quand je me délecte d'un bon verre de vin, désormais, mon autre main caresse les cheveux de mon bien-aimé. Et chaque jour, les souvenirs se font moins vivaces.

C'est vrai que la rupture a été brutale. Je t'ai abandonnée ce beau matin de juin à Orly, sans crier gare. Mais crois-moi, c'était la seule façon. Il était temps de tourner la page. J'avais besoin de me prouver que j'avais assez de force et de volonté pour le faire du jour au lendemain. Ca aurait mal terminé entre nous de toutes façons. Je t'aimais trop, il valait mieux que je te quitte avant que tu ne me détruises.

J'apprends à vivre sans toi et je m'en sors plutôt bien. Il paraît même que je chante mieux. Tu vois, il y a une vie sans toi et je vais m'efforcer de faire en sorte qu'il en soit ainsi pour toujours.

Adieu Cigarette.