Friday, August 28, 2015

It Has To Be Natural

A few months ago, I had to think about the picture I will use for the cover of my debut album "Mulata Universal".

I write my songs, they are stories of my life, thoughts from my mind, I compose my melodies. So, for the cover of my very first album, I wasn't into showing off some high fashion clothing neither into make-up tricks with a lot of retouching. I've been modeling for a long part of my life and since Music has been my main activity, I like not to show my face that much, especially on my covers.
It was important for me not to have something "produced". I really wanted to stick to that not-showing-my-face thing for my album as well. I wanted something real; my own clothes, a simple make-up. Show myself as I am on a casual day of my life behind my Man's lens.
Aware of that, one morning, the Man in question said :
"Mami, I know where we're gonna take your picture".
Then I put on some make-up,  a white tank with my favorite skirt and we drove to Sosua's Beach where we found that cute spot. I sat down and in less than 30 minutes, it was done.
Right on time to pick up our daughter to school.

Pictures by Ivan Herrera - Design by Sr Dco
The white tank is actually a mini-dress I bought years ago in Chinatown (New York, USA), the batik maxi-skirt is a gift from my cousin in Yaoundé (Cameroon), the earrings are vintage ones from Kenya, another beautiful gift by my favorite Dominican auntie.

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