Sunday, September 6, 2015

Escape to Puerto Bahia

Last week, despite the threat of the storm Erika, we couldn't refuse an invitation to that beautiful place in Samana : Puerto Bahia
Dominican Republic is a beautiful country, with probably all the best Caribbean can bring and Puerto Bahia is definitely one of it. I've been there a couple of time already, to chill, to perform.
Located in the North of the island, in the province of Samana, Puerto Bahia offers the perfect starting point if you wish to visit the region but also if you just wanna chill, have a drink and relax. It will obviously seduce yacht lovers as its basically a marina. From there, you have many options of nautical destination in Samana Bay.
If you wanna enjoy the night life, you can have a drink in the chill-out ambiance of first American Café Del Mar (yes, from the famous Ibiza franchise). As we decided to chill home, watching some French movies (The Search and Samba), I invite you to visit their website to learn more about dining and night life activities.
Enjoy the virtual trip and make it real someday!

Merci Gaby pour l'invitation!

Tank and sandals : H&M, Skirt : Forever 21

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