Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday Fresh Tunes : Quand C'Est - Stromae

My fresh tune this Friday is not that fresh if you consider that it's from an album released two years ago but, as the music video was released last Monday, it makes it kind of fresh.
So, it is the latest extract from Stromae (reverse of Maestro, this is how we slang in French!). Stromae is an artist from Belgium, you might know him for his debut hit "Alors On Danse" who took over the world a few years ago. Among others talents, Stromae is able to write sad songs that makes you wanna dance. That's a bit paradoxical but it resume pretty well his vibe. To me, Stromae is a genius. As a singer and songwriter myself, I admire the way he uses French, how he plays with the language, managing to have smart lyrics, efficient rhymes with a mature and interesting analysis of our society. I'm also very admirative of his marketing abilities, in terms of music-videos, style and live performance; he made himself (with his team) a bankable and captivating artistic experiment. The key of his success probably comes from the sincerity of his approach. To me, it rather looks like challenges he dashes to himself rather than the appeal of fame and fortune. It's bringing him the same results anyway.

So, the Friday Fresh Tune is a bit dark as the song is about cancer and the music-video fits perfectly to that sad subject. Because I like to spread good vibes with my FFT, I'm also posting a more "joyful" song of him as well : Ave Cesaria. 
A tribute to the famous Cape Verdean singer : Cesaria Evora, who died in 2011. She was called "The Barefoot Diva". Beautiful song, great music-video.


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