Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Reminiscing Boriquén

Wearing my favorite skirt from Cameroon, with my favorite shirt from AITF,
Vintage leather bag, H&M sandals, Dominican necklace by Positivo and my Melodica bought in a vintage shop in San Juan (PR)
Last year, I was invited by the French Alliance of San Juan in Puerto Rico to perform at the event Francia De Fiesta. It was such a great venue and I was so happy to finally have the opportunity to discover Boriquén. As a French girl, I must say we don't know much about Puerto Rico except this famous song from the eighties singing "Ay ay ay ay ay ay, Puerto Rico". But the band singing was from Belgium and I'm not sure but I think I read once, they have never been to Puerto Rico... Whatever. So, I've learn a little bit more during my long trip to New York a few years ago, especially by chatting with a Boricua taxi driver. I figure out, Puerto Rico was like French West Indies. An American island living with its own mix of North-American, Caribbean and Latin culture. And they speak Spanish or Spanglish.

Well, I'm not gonna pretend I know a lot about the island, but I can say I've enjoyed the couple of days I've spent there. That was one of my greatest show, the acoustic of the venue was amazing and I was happy to be represent the diversity of France, alongside artists from Guadeloupe who represented France as well and local bands.

I was playing my -classic- Acoustic Lounge set with my dear Isaac Hernandez on the guitar and Van Avakian on percussions.
We were staying at Da House Hotel, in the Old San Juan where we spent most of our time. We've enjoy local food but also a great Jerk Chicken at a Jamaican restaurant with live Reggae Music : The Blessed Café. We finished the first night at a live Salsa night club : The Nuyorican Café with the band Los Realengos. Yes! Live Salsa with young musicians wearing Hip Hop clothing! I loved that!

Then the night after the show, we went to see perform our friend Velcro, official DJ for the Rock Steady Crew. It was an amazing night! Velcro proved me I could still dance the night away. His skills and taste are off the hook. Classic Soul and Funk, actual dance-floor hits, Afro-Beat, Dance Hall and Hip Hop... Uuuufff! That was "brutal"!
Well, conclusion is "¡Me gusto Boriquén!".
Next time, I'll promise, I'll go for a more cultural day time trip.
Check out the acoustic videos we recorded in the lounge...

Van, Isaac & I

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  1. I have to say I absolutely loved going to this place the other night. The people that work there were trying to create an optimal dinner experience while making your choices their priority. I would definitely recommend venues in NYC for any kind of fancy event.