Thursday, September 10, 2015

Resistance And A Good Laxative

Nowadays, seems like when you're an around 40 years old woman, you have to show your ass still looks as good as it looked back when you were 20.
I'm 37, I gained weight that I might never loose without a strong diet. My butt is never gonna look like when I was 20. But It doesn't make me feel -that- bitter. Although I'm making efforts to eat better, I'm still having my regular meals of greasy food. After all, isn't it normal not to look the same as you were 5, 10, 15 years ago? I might as well deal with it and accept that as my mind and brain, my body is changing (as it always did, by the way). I don't understand why we have to all share the same sex-appeal. I can't help but feeling that it would be sort of a lack of evolution by being the same I was when I was 10 years younger.

Our society confuses me. It's all about accepting ourselves, embracing who we really are, not caring about what people say, "only God can judge me", bla bla bla. But what I'm really seing is that we basically are not fine with who we are. We want to be somebody else. We want all the positive things without having to pass through the so-necessary hard times. Kids without being pregnant, fame without having any kind of talent, some want to look like they're 20 when they are 40, live like a grown woman at 17 years old. Marriage without compromises. We have to post beautiful pictures, interesting quotes, be our very own paparazzi, be a mini-celebrity for our social networks audience. We have to have an interesting opinion on everything, be a rebel or a great sage behind our smart phones, computers and tablets. Oh, and we women are the favorite target of that nonsense dictature. We need to be everything. Have an interesting job and make money (but not more than husbands and boyfriends), take care of the kids, the house, be a good cook, a great lover with amazing sexual tricks, take care of ourselves, buy nice clothes, go to the gym, be smart, pretty, oh, so many things. Too many things.

Truth is, in that world when we're supposed to enjoy yoga and meditation, nature and simple things : we are all so full of shit.
What we really need is a good laxative to drain that shit outside our brains and free ourselves from those vain attempts to become what we shall never be.

"Resistance is the secret of joy"

As Alice Walker said in "Possessing The Secret Of Joy": 
"Resistance is the secret of joy" (a book which emotionally overwhelmed me)
I admire those who can keep doing their things their own way despite our social pressure. To name a few, I would mention, my father, my older sister, Sade, Erykah Badu, I should mention Grace Jones as well... They are Resistants to me. That's the kind of people I look up to. Specially as an artist as I am constantly struggling to stay true to myself and do what I really wanna do. I always have to defend myself. The songs I should sing, the people I should work with, the clothes I should wear, the audience I should reach, having a Vine account or not. My strength is that I have faith I can make it my way. I gotta make it my way. Because it's actually simple for me to be me. I can't fail at being me. Although I'm willing to explore, try new things, I know my Soul, neither my Ego will allow me to enjoy something that doesn't fit with who I am. And I'm happy about that. Managing to be me, defending my causes, open my mind, open some people's mind. Follow trends that I really enjoy. Listen and learn from the others without being a slave of their opinion. Think by myself. Resist.
Why not just resist and feel good about it?
That's what we need, yeah. Resistance and a good laxative.

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