Friday, October 23, 2015

Friday Fresh Tunes : Pleasure This Pain - Kwamie Liv ft. Angel Haze

I don't know much about Kwamie Liv. There's not much about her on the web (where else could we look nowadays?). I've discovered her through Spotify. 
What I know is that she's Danish-Zambian and that I like her cold-wet-sweetness.  Going along with this vibe I'm liking more and more from artists like The Internet, Jhené Aiko. Sweet voices, wet beats with a dark blue ambient, if I have to put it in visual words.
The best is to give it a ear and trip.

Friday, October 16, 2015

Friday Fresh Tune : Won't Hurt Me - Tweet

It's so good to hear Tweet's lovely voice on a new track. This acoustic tune is o so good and so so sweet. Oh My!
A new album is scheduled to be released in early 2016, in the meanwhile, let's spread the Southern Hummingbird's last single : "Won't Hurt Me".

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Escape To Las Terrenas

Last week, once again, I had the chance to trip in another place of Dominican's North coast : Las Terrenas. The mixing there is unique in the country, I guess. Europeans, Dominicans, Haitians, living all together, chillin'. There's a notable community of French people willing to enjoy Caribbean sweet way of life mixed with some of our classical French things such as Gastronomy, Pastis and Petanque! This place has a special place in my heart as my older sister used to live there and this is also where/how I met my partner.

When we go there, we basically chill', eat and bathe (and surf for those who can!).
That's definitely a destination you can't miss if you travel by here. Las Terrenas is a charming place even if I kind of miss his old "Pueblo De Los Pescadores" and the hippie vibe people used to have when I first discovered it almost 10 years ago...
We stayed at La Palmeraie, a nice residential in front of the beach, with apartments and condos. There's a lot of other options to stay in Las Terrenas. Hotels, housing, etc. It is important to choose a place with good security though.
Chillin' @ La Palmeraie

Monday, October 12, 2015

I Owe It To John

John Singleton / Morris Chestnut / Tupac Shakur

Diversity is important for me.
My father is white, from Paris, France. My mother is black from Yaoundé, Cameroon. I grew up with diversity, this is my normality. Difference is my normality. Color is not the main similarity I find in people. My brother, my sisters and I, we don't share the same color with our parents but still, we're their kids, we are like them, we look like them in many ways beyond the color. I don't necessary need for somebody to look like me or to be like me to feel concern or to have empathy. But we also need role models who are physically, socially close to us. In terms of Beauty standards, I do think it is important to have access to diversity as well, we're humans beyond our skin, education and culture, beyond our country and our language. 

Living in Parisian suburb as a teenager, when it came to boys, I realized that I was not having specially crushes on black guys. They were not a lot of them in my school, I was not having many crushes anyway, but still, I was wondering how come? I was having crushes on white people on TV or magazines. I remember I was also finding Bruce Lee very cute. It might sound weird but as a mixed girl, I was kind of concerned about that. How come I was not able to find a black man attractive? By then, we didn't have internet, except Amina, they were no magazines for or about Black women, no BET, nothing. I've seen black actors in movies such as Eddy Murphy or Danny Glover, sure, but sorry, they were all kind of old to me.
And then came John Singleton with "Boyz N The Hood".
Boyz N The Hood! Oh boy! Not only it was a great movie that impacted me a lot, I loved that movie, I've seen it a hundred times. No need to say what's Boyz N The Hood. It was not only because of that motto "Increase the peace" (that I wrote on my notebooks and agendas for years), it was also for those handsome young black actors starring in it. My then best friend (white, green eyed blonde girl) and I, we were head over heel about Ricky aka Morris Chestnut and felt totally heartbroken when he got killed in the movie.
Later, Singleton's came back with Poetic Justice starring TuPac. TuPac, the face behind Thug Life (at last I was discovering his face!). I thought he was soooo handsome! This confirmed that they were nothing wrong with me; I liked any kind of beauties, Black men included. I just didn't had the chance to experience it because of the lack of diversity in the medias I had access to by then.
I owe that discovering to John Singleton's movies.

A few years later, I felt in love for the first time. He was a dark skinned boy. My friend? She's actually married to a black man.
So, yeah, definitely, we need diversity. To learn about the world, Love, Life and Ourselves.

PS : TuPac also got me piercing my nose but, that's another story.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Friday Fresh Tunes : Burnitup! Janet Jackson

My Friday Fresh Tunes was easy this week. I just couldn't pass this team : Janet Jackson & Missy Elliott. This tune is on its way to become a hit. It's positive, it's a dance-floor song, it's Janet Jackson, it's Missy!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Music, Musing & Such

My main activity is being a singer and I've just released my debut album "Mulata Universal".

A couple weeks ago, Sam Liddicott offered me the first review for my latest single "Deixa Rolar" and album on his cool blog : Music, Musing & Such.
I'm very grateful he took the time to listen, learn about me and my music and that he wrote such a nice review. 

It's even more fulfilling to read that a music lover like him "adores" what I do and that he got my point as an artist.

Thank you Sam! Support is priceless.

Check out the article on his blog :

And if you wanna have a listen to the single and album, here's a glimpse.


Friday, October 2, 2015

Friday Fresh Tunes : BJ the Chicago Kid - Church ft. Chance The Rapper & Buddy

I don't have a lot to say about my Friday Fresh Tunes this week except that it's dope. 
BJ The Chicago Kid is actually from Chicago and is not a rookie as he's been hanging around the musical industry since a while.
"Church" is a single but it seems an album is to be released with the Motown. In the meanwhile...