Thursday, October 15, 2015

Escape To Las Terrenas

Last week, once again, I had the chance to trip in another place of Dominican's North coast : Las Terrenas. The mixing there is unique in the country, I guess. Europeans, Dominicans, Haitians, living all together, chillin'. There's a notable community of French people willing to enjoy Caribbean sweet way of life mixed with some of our classical French things such as Gastronomy, Pastis and Petanque! This place has a special place in my heart as my older sister used to live there and this is also where/how I met my partner.

When we go there, we basically chill', eat and bathe (and surf for those who can!).
That's definitely a destination you can't miss if you travel by here. Las Terrenas is a charming place even if I kind of miss his old "Pueblo De Los Pescadores" and the hippie vibe people used to have when I first discovered it almost 10 years ago...
We stayed at La Palmeraie, a nice residential in front of the beach, with apartments and condos. There's a lot of other options to stay in Las Terrenas. Hotels, housing, etc. It is important to choose a place with good security though.
Chillin' @ La Palmeraie

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