Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Remembering Pascale's Poetry

A few weeks ago, I checked the "similar artists" Spotify recommend to people listening to my music. I was happy to find out one of them was "Ame Strong", a French duet from the nineties, composed by Pascale Hospital and Andy Shafte. I met Pascale through a friend she was working with, around 15 years ago. She was a beautiful mind and had a very easing aura. I loved her energy, she seemed to be somebody who healed her wildness and torments through songwriting. She was the pen behind many tunes and her poetry could make French-language fit a groove in an uncommon way. Still, I haven't heard somebody writing like that in French. She was a real inspiration for the aspiring songwriter I was... So, when I saw that Ame Strong was on Spotify, I right away thought :
Oh yes! Pascale! I wonder what she's into now...
Google search.
"Pascale Hospital tragically died in January 2005."
Just one sentence, on one website. Pascale left this world, eleven years ago.
I was so sad to read that. I can't believe there's nothing more about it. I can't believe I haven't heard about it earlier, even the friend who introduces her didn't know she was gone.

I'm not gonna pretend we were close, I can't even pretend she would have remembered me but I always had warm thoughts when I thought about her and I wanted to post something about this feeling, share a bit of her poetry, and maybe get a few people to REdiscover her.

Here's Ame Strong major hit, "Tout Est Bleu" (Everything Is Blue), from their unique album "Combat Des Sens", released in '93.


"Oh, how can I tell, everything is blue; It goes through the azure of my eyes...We end up going where the devils tempt us..."
Native was a band of French sisters Laura & Chris Mayne for whom Pascale wrote numerous beautiful songs. This is one of my favorites: "Les Couleurs De L'Amour" (The Colors Of Love)

"Your skin on my skin frightens them, the Man, our families, 
Would they like to change my color? Do they want my skin to be vanilla?
Our love won't let those who have the strange idea to divide Earth,
One side white, one side black 

It's too strong, it's too short,
I'm the night, you're the day
We'll be the colors of Love... 

Our love sinks into agony, if you hesitate, if you doubt
But together we are Life, it's to the others that it cost
And it's way beyond the looks, color is just a detail
I have strength, faith and hope, enough to win all the struggles"

Repose en Paix Pascale.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Gràcies Barcelona

"Il y a certains souvenirs auxquels il faut donner de la force,
D'autres qu'il faut laisser s'estomper,
Mais n'oublie jamais que tu as souffert,

Ça te permettra d'être heureux.
cies Barcelona,
Nous nous reverrons un jour..."

- Clarisse Albrecht

Barcelona, Julio 2016