Thursday, September 8, 2016

Bye Bye Mane!

After more than 20 years with my signature messy mane, I decided it was about time to feel my scalp and change my look. So... I shaved my hair off!

I was very excited about it, although I was a bit scared. I was worried that my young daughter, who's 4 years old will get very upset by earrings me without my hair she loves to brush and play with. But, after I told her whats I was gonna do, she was very excited as well and asked me to do the same on her hair, ah ah!

I always thought that when I'll quit modeling, I'll wear dreadlocks but I never did, and I'm not modeling for years! I was wondering why it was so "scary" to change my haircut, especially now that I was free from modeling where my afro was one of the principal reasons I was getting some gigs. Why was I so scared to shave something that it's gonna grow up again. Why my hair meant so much? 
I haven't really found the answer. What I can tell, is that I really wanted to change, I wanted to look different in the mirror. I had a tough year and I guess I needed to look tougher to feel I had the seeing to get through it... Plus, I was kind of fed up taking care of my hair and it's always so hot in DR, that I live with a bun. 

So I did it, with the help of my beloved stepdaughter. Finally, I don't look that tough.  But, I have to say, I love how I look, I love that I'm not gonna spend time on my hair anymore. I feel free and pure. Ans I'm gonna rock my big earrings and wear lipstick more often. Maybe I'm not gonna save that much time in the bathroom! Ah ah!

I can't wait to go through the different lengths. If I let it grow again... ;-)

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