Saturday, September 10, 2016

Travel Outfits for Nomad Divas

Hi Fashion People,

Or should I say non-fashion people, if you need advice from me, I guess that fits you better. Careful, I don't mean I don't know nothing about fashion or that I don't care or you're desperate. I'm just completely clear with the fact that there's plenty of people very qualified on the web. But, still, it doesn't mean I can't give a couple of tips. 

Well. It wasn't really my idea anyway.
My friend Aline from Nomad Divas asked me to put together a visual selection of a couple of outfit for traveller ladies. So I did it. I can't never really say no to my friends. It's a problem sometimes but in this case it was a pleasure.

Hope you'll find it useful. 

Check out the original post on Aline's blog : NOMAD DIVAS!

Beach Bag by Playa Playa


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